My name is Josh Hooker. I’ve been a NAPCO POWR-PAK enthusiast since I was in high school in the 1990’s. The first truck I ever owned, with my name on the title, is a 1955 1st series Chevrolet 3600 pickup that was upfitted with the NAPCO POWR-PAK by the original owner. I bought it from the original owner’s son in 1993. More on that later.
Just to be clear, the truck above is not mine. That one is owned by a good friend. It’s a 1954 Chevrolet 3600.

This site will feature photos and information specifically as it relates to upfit trucks, because that’s where it all started for me. “Upfit” is another term for conversion. I intend for this site to focus primarily on two-wheel-drive trucks that have been converted to four-wheel-drive using the NAPCO POWR-PAK Four Wheel Drive system. Since NAPCO advertised that their system could be moved to a new truck at trade-in time, I think it’s fair to include trucks that have been upfitted in recent years as well as old original conversions.

As time and my schedule allows, I hope to have some feature articles about trucks that I and friends and acquaintances own or have owned, among other things. It’ll be a work in progress and will evolve as time goes on.

What this site is NOT…
This site is not meant to compete with or displace any other site or group out there. I am a member of other groups and sites, and value the community as a whole.

NOTE: There’s not much to this site yet. That’ll change with time. For now, just a pressing business item or two that I would ask for your assistance with, if you’re able to help out.

As always, thanks for helping to keep these old trucks alive.


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